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Reflex Winkelmann GmbH is one of the leading international solutions providers for the development and maintenance of water-bearing systems for building and supply technology.

We see ourselves as an initiator in the development of top quality products, intelligent concepts and highly efficient solutions for systems on any scale and level of complexity.


We aspire to provide comprehensive thinking, an eye for correlations and connections, and problem-solving expertise right down to the smallest detail. As part of this, we believe that cooperative partnerships between equals is the key to success. That is why we are pooling technological knowledge and expertise in heating, cooling and plant engineering technology. And we are passionate about thinking through complex questions to their conclusion. This makes us a powerful, responsible colleague, particularly for highly sensitive projects, complex large systems and special solutions.

Pressurisation Stations:

Expansion Vessels:

Hot Water Storage Tanks & Heat Exchangers:

Reflexomat (compressor-controlled)


in Reflexomat pressure maintaining stations, the pressure on the gas side of the tank is controlled via compressor:

  • If the set pressure is exceeded, the overflow valve opens and discharges air from the expansion tank. The drop in pressure on the air side causes water to flow into the expansion tank and the system pressure drops.
  • When the pressure drops below the set value, the compressor switches on and delivers air to the air side of the expansion vessel. This pushes the water into the system, the water level in the tank drops, the system pressure rises.

For make-up and degassing, the Reflexomat can be equipped with additional devices. The option of intelligent integration of make-up is already integrated in the Reflex Control controller.

Variomat (pump-controlled)


In Variomat pressurisation units, the pressure is controlled by the use of a pumps in the hydraulic system.

  • If the set pressure is exceeded, the overflow valve opens and causes water to flow from the system into the expansion tank. The water content in the tank rises and the pressure in the system falls.
  • If the pressure is below the set pressure, the pump switches on and delivers water from the expansion vessel to the system, the water content in the vessel falls, the pressure in the system increases.

With the Variomat, degassing is part of the service scope: A time control system is used to direct a partial flow from the system into the depressurised expansion vessel, where it is depressurised. Consequently,at a slight positive pressure, the released gases escape via a special valve.


The nominal volume of the vessels is 200 – 5,000 litres, with special sizes up to 10,000 litres available on request. The control unit functions as a combination device for pressurisation with 1 or 2 pumps and overflow valves (as motorized ball valves with a patented circuit for automatic hydraulic compensation).


For particularly high performance and pressures. The nominal volume of the vessels is 1,000– 5,000 litres, with special sizes up to 20,000 litres available on request. An additional solenoid valve provides the minimum pressure protection. The Variomat Giga can be set up as a special system, for safety temperatures > 110 °C and > PN 16 according to EN 12953 or TRD 604 Bl. 2.

Expansion Vessels


The correct pressure is a basic requirement for the perfect functioning of heating, solar and cooling systems as well as pressure booster systems. Diaphragm expansion vessels offer a simple as well as intelligent solution here. They operate without electrical current, compressor or pump. Operation is very simple: a diaphragm separates the vessel into a water and gas chamber and prevents gas from diffusing into the water.

The economical solution for fire extinguishing, raw water and process water systems. The vessel is not flow-through. The DE series is equipped with a full diaphragm, which can be replaced for sizes greater than 50 l and is particularly suitable for use in water systems with heightened corrosion protection requirements

Storatherm (Hot Water Storage and Buffer Tanks)


Expectations are growing constantly when it comes to the comfort of our own home. At the same time, environmental protection demands reductions in energy consumption. Reflex potable water and buffer storage tanks make it possible to combine both aspects effectively. Type diversity and an extensive range of accessories open up a multitude of applications in private building services, public buildings and industry always with the aim of creating hot water solutions that are convenient and efficient.


Reflex Storatherm Aqua tanks are used for heating and storing potable water. Due to the wide variety of types and the extensive range of accessories, there are numerous building services applications in the residential, commercial and industrial building sectors.

For corrosion protection, all Reflex Storatherm Aqua are provided with a hygienic enamel coating in accordance with DIN 4753 Part 3 in conjunction with a magnesium anode.

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